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What is slug

A URL slug, also known as a URL "friendly" or "clean" URL, is a part of a website's URL that identifies a particular page in a human-readable format.

A URL slug typically consists of words or phrases separated by hyphens, and it is created to describe the content of the web page that it represents. The slug generally appears after the domain name and any subdirectories, and it often includes keywords related to the content of the page to help search engines better understand the page's topic.

For example, in the URL, the slug is what-is-a-url-slug, which describes the topic of the web page. This can be more user-friendly than having a URL with an unintelligible string of numbers and characters that does not give any information about the content of the page.

Slug Examples

String Slug
Hello World hello-world
How are you? how-are-you
This is a test this-is-a-test
User login page user-login-page
Product #123 product-123
John's blog post johns-blog-post
Web development 101 web-development-101
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