Convert CSV file or string to JSON

What is CSV file

A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file is a plain text file that stores tabular data in a structured format. Each line in the file represents a row, and the values within each row are separated by commas or other delimiters.

To sort a CSV file means to arrange its rows based on the values in one or more columns in a specific order. Sorting can be done in ascending (from lowest to highest) or descending (from highest to lowest) order, depending on the requirements.

Here's a general description of the steps involved in sorting a CSV file:

  1. Read the CSV file: Load the CSV file into your program or application, and parse it to extract the rows and columns of data. There are various libraries available in different programming languages that can help with this task.

  2. Identify the sorting criteria: Determine the column(s) based on which you want to sort the data. You need to specify one or more columns that will be used to order the rows.

  3. Implement the sorting algorithm: Depending on the programming language or framework you're using, you can utilize built-in sorting functions or implement custom sorting algorithms. Common sorting algorithms include bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort, quicksort, etc. The algorithm should compare the values in the specified column(s) and rearrange the rows accordingly.

  4. Perform the sort: Apply the sorting algorithm to the CSV data, sorting the rows based on the chosen column(s) and order (ascending or descending).

  5. Write the sorted data back to a CSV file: Once the sorting is complete, write the sorted data back to a new CSV file or overwrite the original file. Ensure that the sorted data is formatted correctly with the appropriate delimiters (usually commas) separating the values in each row.

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